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What are USB Cables?

Some individuals adapt to modern technology quite easily and will utilize it in its many different forms to add convenience to their lives. Other individuals have more of a challenge with this and even when it comes to the needs for their computers or communication they can have difficulty with knowing what different components are needed for them to be able to utilize these.

One such item that can cause some confusion is USB cables. These are quite simple in nature and in technology. Basically all they are is a special cable that is classed as a data cable. The USB cable allows a computer either a desktop or laptop to connect to another source that contains data such as digital cameras or video recorders, and most commonly used for mobile phones as well as MP3 or MP4 devices. Almost every computer will have ports which are called USB ports which allows the device through the cable to be connected to this device.

Simple Process

It is a simple process to use the USB cables as one simply plugs in one end to the computer USB port and the other one into the external device. Once this is done then data is able to be transferred back and forth through each of these. Most often many of the devices that are sold that allow for the transfer of data will also include a USB cable with it. The components of the US be cables is that there must be two power conductors as well as to conductors for signals.

What Does USB Stand For?

USB stands for Universal serial bus. These cables came about in the middle part of the 1990s and while they are a simple item they are also a very important one and they do come in different formats. In most cases those that are using it simply for transferring data to the computer from different devices would use a standard format. There is also the mini USB that is more appropriate for equipment that is considered to be mobile. Then there is what is called the micro size which is considered to be the most modern in the technology of USB connectors now, and is used for most of the modern phones that are in use today.

As can be expected bandwidth is going to play an important role in the USB connectors and there is a selection as well when it comes to modes. There is…

  • Low-Speed
  • Full Speed
  • High-Speed
  • Super speed
  • Super speed Plus

In order for these modes to be utilized as intended they rely on different types of hardware and the cable requirements are different.

Most often choosing a USB cable is not difficult as  wherever one is going to purchase it, the provider will have the full specs on the different USB cables that they carry. Here at Gazelle we have a selection of top quality USB cables that can be used for charging and data transfer using the micro version.

Different Kinds of USB Cables

If you are in need of USB cables and you really are not technically savvy having an understanding of the different types of cables and functions will help a great deal when it comes to having to purchase these. Your USB is what allows you to transfer data from one device to another. For example, if you have a camera and you want to transfer your pictures to your computer then you would use a USB cable to do this.

USB 2.0 cables

In 2000 a new form of USB cable was released called the USB 2.0 this became very  popular because of its speed and being able to transfer information. It was determined to be 40% faster than the previous USB cables that were on the market.

USB Mini

Some of the older versions of devices will depend on the USB mini for transferring its data. For those that just have a basic need for a USB cable this one will often suffice however they have advanced to even greater capabilities since this particular version was made.

USB Micro

There are many different types of data devices that are coming out on the market all the time aside from those used for the cameras and video players. This includes memory sticks or flash drives, and in these cases the USB micro is able to read the data without having to rely on a computer to do so.

USB Three

This is a stepped up version of the USB cable. It is a high speed and it is one that although has come out recently it is still compatible with the earlier types of USB ports and cables. One of the other benefits of this particular cable is that it has been made to be more durable as the pins are stronger. Basically the more pins that there are the easier and more efficient it is for transferring data. You should be able to find USB three micro cables that do have the extra pins.


This is the type of cable that is often used when power outlets are going to be the power source or computers. It can be used for not only data transfer but for connecting devices to each other’s or even for charging devices. The difference with this particular cable is that it can only be connected one way.


This is a another version of a USB cable but it isn’t really all that popular or used that much in the normal settings.


If you are looking for the latest in USB cables that this is the one that you would be taking a look at. It has a high power capability as well as high speed when transferring and the cable is also reversible which is convenient.

For all of your USB cable needs you will easily find what you are looking for here at Gazelle. We have a great selection of cables that are made with the latest technology and the best of materials. You will finally that here at Gazelle meet all your needs for charging your devices and transferring of data using the micro format.

What Kind of USB Cable Do You Need?

You may discover that you need a USB cable. This is so that you can transfer data from one device to another. Commonly this is used if you are going to  transferred data from your mobile phone such as pictures for example. Once discovering that you do need this type of cable you are now faced with the challenge of which one do you buy. In some cases the cables will be referred to as hubs and what this means is that several USB devices can be plugged in to just one single port.

The mini B was one that was previously the most common and would be utilized for most portable devices such as the BlackBerry for example. It is still one that is favoured by many although some say that it is been replaced by the micro B. One of the great factors about the micro B other than its capabilities is that it is small in stature  in regards to the connector and it is most likely one that you will be able to use.

Go With the Micro B

If you really want to step up or have a need to use more advanced technology then you are going to probably want to rely on the micro B. It is considered to be the smallest USB connector yet and for most modern the devices, particularly the new cell phones, they all use the micro B connector as the Mini B is really being phased out and is being replaced with the Micro B.

Here at Gazelle we offer a large selection of micro USB cables. One of the things that we like about it other than its capabilities is that it has a slim magnetic connection feature to it. Our Gazelle S 4010 portable flat charging and data micro USB cables are considered to be of the best quality there is. These are small devices and when mishandled they can be broken easily but with the line that we carry the durability of the pins increases the quality of the item. One of the things that you’re going to enjoy with these cables is the speed that comes with them which you will find most likely is 75% faster in some cases than what you may have been using.. The other great benefit is that there are a lot of safety features built in these cables such as short circuit protection, and protection against overcharging.

Then you will find that these Gazelle cables have a good length of three feet which is plenty to meet your needs, but not so long that you have excess cord that is liable to tangle. In fact the Gazelle cables are tangle free.

About Gazelle

Here at Gazelle we like to focus on just one major item that is so important in the world of technology of today. This is a common item which are USB cables. While there are tons of different brands, and those with different capabilities this can be confusing. Our mandate has been to take the confusion out of data transfer when it comes to the requirements of a USB to be able to do this.

When doing our research to determine which line and brand of USB we wanted to carry we came to the conclusion that the Gazelle brand was the best. First we looked at what these cables were capable of. We found that the Micro B was going to bring our clients the most advantages. Then we wanted to determine the quality. We found that all of the components in these USBs was of the very best. It was noted that the pins were made of good quality materials and that the workmanship that went into the making of this product was exceptional.

Now knowing that Gazelle brand of Micro B was the best choice for us to be able to deliver a quality product to our clients, the price became our next concern. We determined that we would be able to offer this product to you at a very reasonable price.

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Keeping shopping simple is something that we are proud of. We believe that internet shopping is the way of the future and we are intent that when you are shopping here at Gazelle that it is going to most rewarding for you.